U.S. In-Bond Manager for CBP

Meet New CBP In-Bond Requirements With BorderConnect

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All-In-One: In-Bond Dashboard

The In-Bond Dashboard is your one-stop information destination for in-bonds. Track in-bonds from filing to closing using advanced search options. See status of in-bonds at a glance and drill in to advanced reports and actions from one screen.

Electronic Reporting Of In-Bond Arrival And Export

Electronically arrive and export your U.S. in-bonds with minimal data entry. BorderConnect provides a fast and easy way to meet CBP's new in-bond requirements.

Verify in-bonds were successfully reported and get in-bond details directly from CBP with In-Bond Status Query. In-bonds filed or updated by a third party can also be queried.

Take Control of Your In-Bond Shipments.

BorderConnect U.S. In-Bond Manager